Challenge – Timely Compliant Mission Critical Information

The passenger and cargo air transport industry has experienced considerable change over the past decade. What has not changed is the impact of time-dependent, mission-critical data, content, and information on customer experience management, labor productivity, asset utilization, and both top-line revenue and bottom-line profits.

In a highly competitive and heavily regulated industry, airlines must maximize utilization of their aircraft while conforming to regulations and emerging data standards developed to help ensure safe and efficient operations of every flight.

Today’s environment presents a host of challenges for airlines in managing their technical information, including:

  • The ability to support information exchange standards for both existing and new-generation fleets
  • Shifting from paper-based systems to digital systems that reduce costs and deliver real time benefits to pilots and maintenance technicians
  • Demands by original equipment manufacturers to use multiple proprietary systems, which drives costs up,  relinquishes airlines’ control of technical information and fail to support mixed fleets
  • Delays in delivering information to pilots and technicians due to technical, process, and other bottlenecks, also increasing risks of regulatory violations
  • Reliance on legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) systems that no longer support industry information management standards
  • Inaccurate and inconsistent information resulting from the increasing complexities of multiple authoring and content management systems, multiple documents types and formats, and multiple delivery mechanism

Solution – Total Lifecycle Control of Your Technical Information

Pax and cargo airlines use the CORENA Suite of products to manage the content lifecycle of technical information for both existing and new-generation fleets, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350. The CORENA Suite provides pilots and technicians with the most current and accurate information to ensure safe, cost efficient, and on-time operations.

The CORENA Suite helps airlines:

  • Support  information exchange requirements for existing and new-generation fleets in a single system
  • Deliver tablet-optimized flight operations and maintenance information on iOS® and Android™ tablet devices
  • Retain control of their technical information  by using a manufacturer-independent solution
  • Get visibility into technical information processes in order to streamline information management and delivery as well as real-time reporting capabilities to easily meet audit requirements
  • Adopt a solution built on the most modern information technologies available today and flexible enough to anticipate evolving requirements
  • Facilitate the creation, management, and delivery of up-to-date, accurate information in all the ways it is required

The CORENA Suite optimizes the complete content lifecycle of flight operations and aircraft maintenance information, from content creation, reconciliation, customer originated changes to workflow and business process management as well as delivery and consumption across multiple channels such as paper/PDF, PCs, portals, and iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

The CORENA Suite includes the following airline solutions:

The CORENA Suite includes the following airline products:

Multi-Platform Mobile Information Delivered at the Point of Performance

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile delivers flight operations and aircraft maintenance information to iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, providing timely, compliant and accurate information to pilots and technicians at the point of performance.

Consulting and Training

Not only do we deliver technology, we can also provide consulting and training to improve your business. Our experienced consulting team employs some of the world’s most recognized aviation and aerospace consultants with operational experience at airlines, repair stations, and OEMs.

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